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Saturday in NH

By on 1.5.08 | 1:00PM

In polls: Rasmussen has McCain up 5 pts, Suffolk/WHDH has him down 4 and Zogby has him up 2 pts. On the bump or no bump question, Larry Sabato offers this: "There is a momentum effect from Iowa/> in NH, as much as
New Hampshire/>/>’s voters would like to deny it. Obama’s got a bump that will probably last, Huckabee’s got a small one that may not. But bumps can disappear as the days move along. Five days, including a weekend, is a short time, but there’s a 24-hour news cycle. Of course, two days are the weekend, which often freezes movement. We’re in uncharted waters."
Some point out Romney's very upscale audiences but that may work to his favor in the increasingly affluent Boston suburbs. We forget: this is in effect his home state given the Boston media market influence. Meanwhile the Romney organization is working full time trying to push the "change" theme and throwing in anti-McCain barbs at every turn. I count 7 missives in my in box. But as we know from Iowa, ballots not e-mails determine the winner. UPDATE: I am not the only one who thinks this whole "change" thing is a bit contrived. And if crowd size and enthusiasm were clues to the outcome maybe that is true in NH- McCain hopes so.( And yes McCain just did his 100th town hall.)

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