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Is ‘Change’ A Good Romney Word?

By on 1.4.08 | 1:18PM

The McCain folks don't think much of the new and improved Romney message that he is an "agent of change." I commented earlier this was asking for trouble. Sure enough McCain's shop sends on this:

"Good afternoon folks. After last night's debacle in Iowa, Mitt Romney is desperate and has now brought his angry, negative attacks to New Hampshire. In typical Mitt Romney fashion, his latest attack stands in direct opposition to his previous statements.Mitt Romney should be mocked for this ridiculous claim: 'There's no way that Senator McCain is going to be able to come to New Hampshire and say that he's the candidate that represents change -- that he'll change Washington. He is Washington.' Ready for a laugh? Running for governor in 2002, Romney praised John McCain as an agent of change, stating that McCain 'has always stood for reform and change.'
Romney: McCain 'has always stood for reform and change. And he's always fought the good battle, no matter what the odds.'
Here's an on-the-record quote from McCain Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker on Mitt Romney's latest attacks:

'It is laughable that Mitt Romney would think anyone buys his latest act as an agent of change, when the only thing he's ever changed are his positions on every issue of importance in this election. Mitt Romney should have learned last night that his negative attacks don't work. John McCain's record as a reformer and an agent for change in Washington stands second to none.'"
UPDATE: Romney puts out his own web ad called "twists" (I don't make this up, honest) which just dumps everything in sight on McCain.

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