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Re: Sentiment over substance

By on 1.4.08 | 7:47AM

Amen, Quin, Amen. One bright spot: Huckabee's win plays right into Giuliani's apparent strategy of layiing back in the tall grass and letting the rest of the party implode. Here in Massachusetts, Rudy has been running every bit as many radio spots as any other candidate, but they are distinctively different. He's talking about what America really is, and about the challenge of the global situation. He's paying no attention to the day-to-day static popping off the other campaigns. A number of commentators have poo-pooed Giuliani's hanging back till Feb. 5, but I think it could work a treat. The GOP could have three different winners in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Oh, one more bright spot: This is Huck's last hurrah.

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