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By on 1.3.08 | 11:58PM

This is a rather brillant and a little sad take on Romney. James has argued that had Romney not transformed himself no one would have given him the time of day. But I think this is the year of uncoventional, authentic people. It might have worked.

James, we're all going to think long and hard about who is viable and who is electable. But McCain may in fact be the consensus that economic conservatives(ok he's keeping the Bush tax cuts, is a free trader and has a terrific healthcare plan) and foreign policy conservatives can live with as the anybody but Huckabee. There aren't a lot of options.

Finally, Joe Biden is leaving the race and it makes me sad. He is genuine, honest and smart and I hope to goodness that if we have to live with an Obama presidency Biden is there to keep us from getting in too much trouble.

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