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Admiring Words for Huckabee

By on 1.3.08 | 10:11PM

AmSpec has had a lot of hard words about Mike Huckabee. It's easy for me to understand why and how he inspires that reaction. Quin's reaction to Huckabee after covering him for several years would give anyone pause, as well.

However, I think it's time to stop and give this guy some credit. When has the GOP last seen a candidate like Mike Huckabee? This man is talented, driven, and hungry. The same personality that decided to defeat diabetes has locked onto winning the nomination and he has achieved far more with far less than anyone thought possible.

We need more candidates with that kind of desire. If Huckabee should fall short, I hope he still has time to get in for the Arkansas U.S. Senate seat. Give that guy four years or so on the national stage and he'd be unstoppable.

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