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A Most Palpable Hit

By on 1.3.08 | 9:28AM

Acerbic political wit doesn't go out of style. Check out My Manufactured Mitt by Ben Domenech (my co-worker) at Redstate:

This brings us to an important point. Some may say that Romney is not a candidate who can be trusted. This is another bigoted lie. On the contrary: we can absolutely trust him! We can trust him to follow the path that our country charts for him. Are we not interested in representative government? Of course we are! And Mitt Romney is perhaps the most representative of all the candidates to ever seek the presidency of any nation, ever, even the imaginary ones with the aforementioned Oompah Loompahs-there is nothing untrustworthy about this man, not even his hair. When the electorate wants him to believe something, he believes it! When they want him to oppose something, he opposes it! When they are divided, he waffles!

Read it all, even if you like the Mittster. This is some very fine political humor.

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