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I Sorta ‘Saw’

By on 12.21.07 | 6:47AM

His supporters may need an intervention. But listen, I have my own "figurativelies":

When I practiced law with Justice Roberts... (Well, we were both lawyers, in different cities and never met. Except I saw him at the opera.)
When I told President Bush.... (Well when he's on TV I often do talk back to the screen.)
When I traveled with Margaret Thatcher. ... (Well she traveled a lot when I was in college. She went to Russia and I drove home for the summer but we were simultaneously moving. I think.)
When I was an advisor to Richard Nixon... ( I was in high school and repeatedly advised anyone who would listen that he should resign. I don't think he knew I was advising him but I was!)
UPDATE: Others this morning pile on and add their amusing analogies.

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