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Drudge Tells Us Who Has ‘Mo’

By on 12.20.07 | 1:26PM

It's no secret who has access to the Drudge headline machine. McCain responded to the latest headline directly and through his spokeswoman. What is interesting is that the canon gets pointed at McCain just as he is rising in NH and perhaps elsewhere. Even Club for Growth takes a rest from Huckabee bashing to go after him on the death tax. I think this confirms that McCain is very much in the first tier. Whether Drudge or the NY Times story amounts to anything remains to be seen but if they just give McCain an opportunity to defend his honor by touting his opposition to earmarks, lobbyists and the like it will have backfired, perhaps spectacularly.

UPDATE: Others figure it out too.

UPDATE 2: And good reason for a certain rival to panic as McCain jumps into virtual tie for first nationally in Fox poll. Rudy 20%, Huckabee and McCain 19%, and Romney at 11%. Wow.

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