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Re: Romney’s Planned Parenthood Event

By on 12.18.07 | 10:12AM

[Former Massachusetts Planned Parenthood President] Ms. Gamble says that she and others understand that politicians do change views on abortion but says: "What's disturbing in Mitt Romney's case is that he makes the switch at exactly the most politically opportune time. That is what is worrisome."

Ah, yes, I'm sure if Romney had his change of heart on abortion a few years earlier the magnanimous Ms. Gamble would now be defending the former Massachusetts governor in the reluctant-yet-principled manner her famed organization is so well known for. Please. This is an absolute joke. I wonder how "worrisome" Ms. Gamble found the politically expedient conversions of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Dick Gephardt, Jesse Jackson and Ted Kennedy underwent from pro-life to pro-choice? Maybe just a smidgen less, is my guess.

Seriously, though, Jennifer, congratulations on getting Gamble, apparently our new moral arbiter of conservatism, away from what was probably a busy morning of filling out Choice on Earth holiday cards to take a whack at Romney.

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