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Polls and a New Ad

By on 12.12.07 | 12:33PM

A slew of new polls. Strategic Vision has Huckbee up by 5 pts in Iowa (more than the last poll but closer than all other recent polling), the Suffolk WHDH NH poll has Romney 2 pts down to 31%, McCain up 6 pts to 19% and Rudy down 3 to 17%. Huckabee is also in first in Georgia now. Rudy leads in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, Rudy has a new ad in NH which concludes with this: "Rudy will also rein in runaway federal spending. Do away with earmarks. Make agency heads find 5 to 10 percent savings in every budget. And when nearly half of the federal work force retires over the next 8 years, he'll only replace half of them. Rudy Giuliani. He won't just talk about cutting taxes and reducing government. He'll deliver." Not quite a comparitive ad but I think we know who he is suggesting is the talker. (By the way did anyone else notice Rudy hasn't gone up with TV ads in Iowa? Will he?)

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