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Bow Tie Blues

By on 12.7.07 | 2:18PM

Okay, so I signed up for the Save Tucker updates because I love Carlson's writing of yore, I very much enjoyed his book and, when I have time in the afternoon, his show is usually one of the most sensible. No apologies! But this list of bulletpoints Save Tucker just sent along for those looking to write NBC letters are nonetheless pretty entertaining.

  • MSNBC claims to be balanced and fair News Organization. Canceling TUCKER would silence an important and entertaining Conservative voice.
  • Instead of lurching to the left, MSNBC should provide a balance to Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Dan Abrams.
  • Tucker Carlson is being canceled because he presents a conservative point of view. Tucker Carlson has brought conviviality, manners and an unfailing sense of humor to talk Television. Tucker treats guests from both left and right with respect and spirited debate.
  • This is an ideological purge and an attempt to target younger views by shifting MSNBC to the far left. MSNBC will lose viewers if Tucker Carlson is canceled.
  • Does MSNBC want to be the next Air America?

My guess is this isn't the sort of stuff that NBC execs are going to care about. They also forwarded a link to a story speculating about the possibility that the disappearance of Tucker's bow tie might have been the result of an order from the corporate paymasters.

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