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Re: Boston Legal

By on 12.5.07 | 1:16PM

Campaign Spot asks whether it is a good idea for GOP candidates, Rudy specifically, to cite Hollywood liberal media for evidence of an opponent's weaknesses. In some sense that is right. If the View ladies were saying what an awful guy Rudy is I'm sure the Romney folks would be smart enough not to try to use that. If Grey's Anatomy launched into a tirade about gay marriage no GOP candidate would likely touch it. But there is a point at which an opponent's flaws become part of accepted cultural references. Kerry was the snob and flip flopper so Jay Leno could tell joke after joke and everyone would get it. Hillary is the ice queen so Letterman can joke about frost coming off her. Once that pop cultural label adheres it's hard to take it off. The issue is whether some "no conviction" label has stuck to Romney. I think the jury is out but the late night talk shows are down for the WGA strike so we'll have to make do figuring out what is accepted lore and what is not.

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