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Re: Romney Speech

By on 12.4.07 | 8:35AM

After some comments from Romney and his advisors I think it is looking like The Speech is not a speech about Mormonism at all. He says its not a JFK re-do on nondiscrimination and he will not talk about Mormonism per se in any detail (Prediction: he will not use the word "Mormonism" or say "Church of Latter Day Saints"). Rather he is going to give what for any other Republican would be a standard speech which goes along the lines of : 1) The Founding Fathers believed in God 2)The foundations of our country are inextricably linked to the Judeo Christian tradition; 3) Great movements from abolition to civil rights to pro-life were inspired by people of faith; 4) I'm a person of faith: 5) I support the same policies that you who are people of faith believe in: marriage and the sanctity of life. Pretty tame stuff but that's likely the safest and best he can do. Some are skeptical to say the least while others warn against spinning too obviously or calling voters bigots. But based on Romney's hints I think they are overestimating the scope of the speech. By the same token that leaves Huckabee free to say " Well, duh." UPDATE: More is here and I will add to the list above: 6) Leftwing groups would like to push religion out of the public sqaure, take God's name off coins and out of the Pledge of Allegience; and 7) We're not going to let them. Someone agrees. (h/t NRO).

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