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Biden Takes Snowman

By on 11.29.07 | 9:29AM

Not much to add on the debate since Joe Biden literally talked through the entire thing last night here at College Convention '08. I just got out of a roundtable discussion entitled, "Democracy Matters--Student Activism On Campus," which basically encouraged attending students to sign onto the usual Naderite voting reforms--public financing, same day registration, having poll workers hold your hand, look deep into your eyes, and explain what an exemplary patriot you are for showing up to the polls in your bright orange Do Something About Global Warming T-shirt. Who doesn't want to be a modern day hero...especially when it's so easy!

It wasn't all that interesting, in short, although I'll type out a few more lines on it later in a round-up piece. Listening to students introduce themselves, however, was another story:

"I'm a political junkie. These days I've got CSPAN on more than SpongeBob."

"I'm also a political junkie…with some dictatorial aspirations."

Okay, so maybe his parents told him he could grow up to be anything he wants, even the President of the United States or, you know, Josef Stalin. Another was actually inspirational:

"I come from a very liberal town, so I came here to meet candidates so I can make my own decision and not just take my surroundings at face value."

That's probably a rare bird at College Con, I suspect.

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