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Another Day Closer to Voting

By on 11.27.07 | 6:57AM

Not wanting to get behind in the email wars the Rudy camp starts out with an email blast beginning with this from Rudy Communications Director Katie Levinson: "There is one Republican candidate in the race with a track record of cutting taxes 23 times and that is Rudy Giuliani. No amount of political spin can help Mitt Romney re-write the history books. Mitt Romney failed to pass a single tax cut as Governor and the Cato Institute gave him a 'C' for his handling of the economy as Governor. Mitt Romney can repackage himself as many times as he wants but his failing fiscal record speaks for itself." The email goes on to a point by point comparison on NY vs. Massachusetts results on taxes, welfare reduction, economic growth, etc.
Meanwhile, friends of someone else send this reminder that RomneyCare is a mixed bag.
The Washington Post praises Romney for defending No Child Left Behind and he voices well deserved skepticism abut the Annapolis summit.

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