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Thompson Continues to Impress

By on 11.26.07 | 2:44PM

Lord knows I have blasted Fred Thompson a few times, but now he has followed his gutsy and philosophically solid Social Security plan and his on-target defense plan, and his hard-nosed immigration plan, with a tax-reform proposal that is deservedly earning plaudits from conservative experts. I repeat my contention that (apart from a certain Huckster) the Republican field this year is in many ways a font of riches rather than a big disappointment. There are at least four candidates whom I personally could support with serious enthusiasm, and another several (counting ones who already have dropped out) who I would be/have been happy (even if not enthusiastic) to support in light of the terrible (Hillary et al) opposition.

Meanwhile, whether too late or not is anybody's guess, but I do believe Thompson is seriously stepping up his game, and that he has an innate sense of political timing that may well turn the tide in his favor. Again, this is not a prediction, but merely an observation that Yogi Berra was right about when it ain't over.

Finally (and this is actually a different subject), I do wish the Republican candidates would spend less time attacking each other and more talking about why conservatism is better than the lefty junk being offered by the Democratic presidential candidates. So far, all of our front-running five candidates with the exception of Huckabee have done a good job at the latter WHEN THEY do it at all -- but, except for Giuliani in several of the debates, they haven't done enough of it because they spend too much time attacking each other.

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