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Off to the Races

By on 11.15.07 | 7:28PM

Throughout this liveblogging process I will heroically not refer to Wolf Blitzer as Teddy Ruxpin. And we're off:

Obama is helped being placed next to Clinton. She is not imposing beside him. But oh what a slow start. "I appreciate this opportunity?" Better than Clinton's See-N-Say slogans, at least. A-a-a-nd...meltdown. Heckler a Hillary plant? Round one Obama.

Edwards saves himself from the brink of oblivion and unleashes the hounds. Hillary-Bush-Cheney. Continues to defend a system that's broken, rigged, and -- yes -- corrupt.

Clinton comes back up for air. On what planet is John Edwards' "mud" "right out of the Republican playbook?" This is an extraordinarily weak defense. And the Hillary-shout kicks in.

Joe Biden continues to be the most appealing voice up there. He's utterly at ease without being a slouch. And the Hillary-cackle kicks in. Biden will "immediately interface with Putin" to get him off Saak's back.

Back to Edwards, still on Clinton, still on corruption, still on choices. Scattered boos at another attack on HRC turns into a round of applause for JE's red meat. Time for a Dodd break.

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