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A Classic Sullivan Post

By on 11.10.07 | 2:37PM

Andrew Sullivan returns to vintage form. Back in the 90s you could open The New Republic and read this sort of thing in his TRB column on a regular basis:

I covered the Clintons for eight years. The one thing I learned about them is that they lie. It's reflexive to them; after decades of the lying that tends to infect the households of addicts, they don't have a normal person's understanding of truth and falsehood. They have an average sociopath's understanding of truth and falsehood. They lie about big things; they lie about small things; and they lie about things that are so trivial you can't believe anyone would bother lying about them. But the Clintons do. They did for eight years. They put the entire country through a trauma because they have no sense of what's true and false any more. Living in a relationship where lying has been integrated into its very essence will do that. They can't help it. Lying is their entropic state of being - big lies, small lies, and everything in between.

You can't trust a word from them. If that's what you want in a war leader, go ahead and vote for her.

Say what you will about Sullivan, we can at least expect that, if Hillary wins, his attacks will be just as over-the-top as they've been in the Bush years. (If Obama were to win, I'd put money on Andrew following his mercurial Bush-era pattern exactly: descending into overwrought hagiography in the early years and then, at some point, turning on a dime.)

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