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Re: Good Fences, Neighbors

By on 5.17.06 | 10:33PM

Quin: You're entirely right. Jeff Sessions is terrific, keeps turning up at the right place with the right ideas. Gotta keep an eye on him.

And what will tomorrow bring? Gen. Hayden has his day in the Senate, the Intel staffs and members are probably already leaking what they were briefed on today to the NY Times, and the CIA is getting ready to welcome in a new boss who will defend the bureaucrats' turf against all comers. You think it's bad now? Just wait'll tomorrow.

End of a Great Mystery?

By on 5.17.06 | 6:43PM

Aw, c'mon, if they find Jimmy Hoffa, we'll start to run out of mysteries. Next thing you know, Saquatch will come out of hiding and the unicorns will all emergy from the shadows. And one day they'll even find girls that disappear in Aruba. Then again, that's a sad story that long ago ought to have been solved already.

Good Fences, Neighbors

By on 5.17.06 | 3:39PM

Wow -- Jed will be pleased. Alabama's Jeff Sessions (a great guy, by the way) was just successful in getting a border fence through the Senate. This is a bit of a surprise (that it passed so easily), but it should mollify conservatives at least a bit. He noted that good fences make good neighbors. That wisdom is usually correct. Some say it will always be thus.

Inconvenient Uncertainties

By on 5.17.06 | 3:24PM

Ronald Bailey of Reason turns his able scientific eye on a few of the apocalyptic claims in the new Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth, putting Bailey somewhat at odds with the film's tagline, "Nothing is scarier than the truth." (And, no, this frightfest isn't a new adaptation of Love Story starring Al and Tipper. It's a movie about global warming, which, incidentally, is one thing Gore is proud to say he didn't invent.)

Re: The Tony Snow Show

By on 5.17.06 | 12:45PM

Everyone agrees that Tony Snow is one of the nicest people in public life. But just to remind him who's boss, the Washington Post today, alongside Dana Milbank's useless story on yesterday's first official televised briefing, runs three of the most hideous photographs it could concoct of Snow in action. You can get a sampling of at least one of them here. Put three of those in a row, and the effect is purposely, vilely grotesque.

PA Pay-Raisers Booted

By on 5.17.06 | 12:40PM

Read all about it: Pennsylvania's liberal Republican leadership suffered serious losses in primaries yesterday, in a backlash against those who voted themselves unconstitutional pay hikes last year. Among the losers: Senate Majority Leader David J. "Chip" Brightbill, Senate President Pro Tempore Bob Jubelirer, and 12 House members.

Jubelirer denies that the pay hike was to blame. He said, "It's everything," including the Iraq war, gas prices, and immigration. I'm going to go out on a limb and say politics are a bit more local than that.

The War on Contraception?

By on 5.17.06 | 12:35PM

Huh? Hillary Clinton just sent out a campaign email claiming "There's a quiet war going on in America -- against the most basic rights of Americans to make their own personal decisions about family planning."

Whoa. Sounds ominous. Surely legislators are banning contraception sales, or calling for the courts to overturn Griswold v. Connecticut?

Nope. It is just that the Deficit Reduction Act of last year allowed states to cut back coverage there. It is no longer guaranteed.

So the battle cry, "We must be outspoken and determined to support every woman's right to make her own decisions about family planning," rings hollow. It is fear mongering.

Women still can make this decision. Hillary just wants the federal government to help them choose contraception.