William Murchison

William Murchison is a Dallas-based columnist for Creators Syndicate. He is completing a book on cross-currents in modern morality.


The Nastiness of the Clinton Campaign


Memo to Hillary Clinton: Yessum, you may win this thing. I wouldn’t fall over in a state of cardiac arrest should that happen, given what the polls are saying. This, though history instructs mortals to be very, very careful when it comes to predicting lead-pipe cinches. But say you’re right. I mention merely that you […]

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When Things Fall Apart


What with writers and speakers everywhere quoting William Butler Yeats’ poetic appraisal of modern times, as I read recently, maybe we can better appreciate House Speaker Paul Ryan’s present dilemma and resolve to leave the guy alone. He is a good man doing the best he can in bad — no, awful — times, despite […]

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The Horsewhipping of Donald Trump


To call the massive media obsessed — eyes roaming crazily in all directions, mouths afoam with horror — would be an understatement. They fear that the sovereign voters, in their obvious dimwittedness, could put Donald Trump in the White House. And so the words of abuse tumble forth. The New York Times is unable to […]

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That 4-Letter Word: ‘Plan’


Well, who won? We might let that popular and logical query go for the moment. There are other aquatic specimens to fry in the context of Monday night’s so-called debate: chief among them Hillary Clinton’s try at addressing the leadership question she seems to be hanging out there like damp laundry. Clinton asked her national […]

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Terrorism and the Blame Game


It’s hard to know what’s funny these days. It’s possible that nothing is and nothing will be funny until we are safely through the election season — maybe not even then. Hillary Clinton, who puts herself forth as prospective commander in chief, blames her Republican opponent for the slasher attack on mall shoppers in Minnesota; […]

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Hillary and the ‘Homophobes’


Say, do you think she might have to drop out of the race if she’s as sick as she looked on this Sept. 11 in Manhattan? I understand the question. However, something more than the obligations of Christian charity militate against wishing for such an outcome. The first deterrent to this wish-fulfillment is Hillary Clinton’s […]

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Vote for St. Teresa


That St. Teresa of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) could never, ever have qualified for the U.S. presidency is a blessing weighing nearly as heavily in her favor as does the plenitude of good works that led to her canonization. The U.S. presidential campaign makes a fruitful backdrop against which to consider, shall we say, the Important […]

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The Politicians Can’t Stand Us — and It Shows


“Health-Plan Choices Shrink,” said a headline in the Wall Street Journal, Aug. 29, 2016. What’s this  — another campaign promise brought to the table undercooked and half-sauced? Americans, as they look around the political dining room, are receiving, um — I know: Let’s call it a liberal education. An education in the complete, for all […]

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Who, Whom? From Lenin to Obama


A federal judge in Fort Worth, Texas, Monday disallowed the Obama administration’s attempt to change the nation’s mind on the latest liberal social cause: sex-alteration. Judge Reed O’Connor enjoined the administration from enforcing new directives from the Departments of Justice and Education, which would prop open public-school restroom doors for access by students identifying with […]

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Trump the ‘Stalin-Lover,’ and Other Political Deceits


Down, down, down spirals the presidential campaign. Where it stops, nobody knows. On Monday, Vice President Joe Biden suggested that Donald Trump “would have loved Stalin.” Taking in this Olympian pronouncement requires a few gulps of fresh air. Never mind: The same day, the media bubbled with suggestions, or outright assertions, that the race was […]

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