William Murchison

William Murchison is a Dallas-based columnist for Creators Syndicate. He is completing a book on cross-currents in modern morality.


Who, Whom? From Lenin to Obama


A federal judge in Fort Worth, Texas, Monday disallowed the Obama administration’s attempt to change the nation’s mind on the latest liberal social cause: sex-alteration. Judge Reed O’Connor enjoined the administration from enforcing new directives from the Departments of Justice and Education, which would prop open public-school restroom doors for access by students identifying with […]

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Trump the ‘Stalin-Lover,’ and Other Political Deceits


Down, down, down spirals the presidential campaign. Where it stops, nobody knows. On Monday, Vice President Joe Biden suggested that Donald Trump “would have loved Stalin.” Taking in this Olympian pronouncement requires a few gulps of fresh air. Never mind: The same day, the media bubbled with suggestions, or outright assertions, that the race was […]

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Time to Choose


A political campaign is — theoretically — about comparison of policies and personalities, pending final selection, on a designated day, of this candidate or that one, in accordance with long-commended democratic procedures. The 2016 presidential race, in its current phase, more closely resembles a necktie party, with Donald Trump as the guest of honor, hands […]

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The Khan Con and Other Modern Discontents


At its quadrennial national convention, the Democratic Party aimed a sucker punch at the ample jaw of Donald Trump, and, lo, the sucker took it with full force. I speak of the Khan affair, which, at this point, hardly needs rehearsing. Its debasing effect on democratic — lowercase “d” — politics will be with us […]

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The ‘Smart’ Party and the ‘Dumb’ Party


I guess I’m a — how you spell that there word? “Kon-serve-a-tive.” That’s with a “K,” right? Meaning I didn’t do no college and I like to monkey with cars. And I don’t trust them Ivy League folks with all them degrees. And might — you won’t tell nobody, will you, Mister? ’Cause them edjy-cated […]

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Republicans: It Is What It Is


Did Shakespeare say it first? Or the preacher of Ecclesiastes? Damon Runyon, even? My brother-in-law? Whatever the case, “It is what it is.” The Republican Party is poised to nominate for president of the United States a candidate with a nearly unexampled capacity for dis-uniting the party, not to mention the very voters who must […]

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Matters of Right and Wrong


Dallas So, to get the country past this awful moment, we need: Gun control? A presidential speech? An end to political posturing? A blue-ribbon commission? Hugs? Or maybe we need something more. What about a concentrated effort to reconstruct the moral understandings formerly embedded in our ways and institutions, orphaned by the personal entitlement culture […]

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Of Emails and Clintons


The thing is, this Hillary Clinton indictment thing — which isn’t going to end in indictment after all — isn’t going away. A — um — lady who appears to lack any other interest besides becoming the first woman president will go on embarrassing herself and her country even if she wins in November (which […]

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As in Britain, So Over Here


The president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, picking up on the precedent set by British voters, desires that the Southwestern empire where I make my home hold its own vote on seceding from the top-heavy politburo that seems to run America. Good luck on persuading the U.S. Army to march away from Fort Hood on […]

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Time to Read the Labels — More Socialism?


And they’re off and running! Duh-duh-dump-duh-duh-dump… and so on: The presidential horse race so beloved by media types. Who’s ahead? Who’s behind? What do the polls say? Which polls? Hey — Donald Trump fired his campaign manager! How will the gun control debate affect things? None of which is irrelevant to general concerns, but very […]

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