P. David Hornik

P. David Hornik is a freelance writer and translator in Beersheva, Israel. His memoir, Israel Odyssey: A Journey of Coming of Age and Finding Peace in the Middle East, is forthcoming later this year from Liberty Island.


West Bank Story


Over a month ago, a terror attack in the West Bank killed Rabbi Miki Mark, seriously injured his wife (now recuperating in hospital), and lightly injured his teenage son and daughter. The attack, in which Palestinians terrorists fired over 20 bullets into the Marks’ car near Hebron, was an event of a kind that is […]

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How the U.S. Tried—and Failed—to Oust Netanyahu


A Senate report — in spite of itself — tells all. It turns out that back in 2013 the State Department donated $350,000 to an NGO called OneVoice. The supposed aim was to enable OneVoice’s Israeli and Palestinian branches “to support peace negotiations.” Since that was not a partisan political aim, the State Department’s funding […]

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Health Care, Israeli-Style


On Wednesday one of Israel’s largest dailies had a scoop: four months ago a man from Gaza received urgent medical treatment at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, Israel. He had had a serious cardiac episode that no hospital in Gaza was able to treat. Not such a scoop, one might think? The man was the […]

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My ‘Israeli’ Roots


My American youth wouldn’t particularly have “predicted” that I would make aliyah (move to Israel) as an adult. True, there were certain factors that could conduce in that direction. My parents were refugees from the Nazis, having fled Vienna as teenagers with their families in the fall of 1938. They conveyed that Jewish identity was […]

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Kicking the Palestinian Addiction


The Palestinians have faded from view lately. There’s been an “Arab Spring,” an intensifying Iranian issue, elections in the U.S., economic travails. True, the Obama administration and the EU keep forking over funds to the Palestinian Authority. But the obsession with securing sovereign statehood for the Palestinians seems to have fallen off lately. Will it […]

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Israel’s Egypt Conundrum


It’s now Passover week in Israel, and it’s natural for Egypt to be in the air. The holiday celebrates the Israelites’ liberation from serfdom to Pharaoh over three thousand years ago, which launched the trouble-fraught but ultimately successful forty-year trek to freedom in the Promised Land. But Egypt keeps being intertwined with Israel’s current affairs, […]

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Report From an ‘Asymmetrical’ War


The moral asymmetry between Israel and its enemies has been strikingly on display in the latest flare-up between Gaza terror groups and Israeli forces. By Monday afternoon the Israeli air force had reportedly killed 19 terrorists in pinpoint strikes on Gaza targets — mostly rocket-launching crews — and two Palestinian civilians as collateral damage, a […]

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Still in Denial on Iran


U.S. national security adviser Tom Donilon is now in Israel for talks with top officials. The Telegraph reports that while Washington claims the visit is routine, “Israel’s option of launching a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities was expected to be the urgent topic of discussion.” Israel has indeed been getting some further unfriendly messages from […]

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Newt’s Bold Words on the Palestinians


The Palestinians have hit a rough patch lately. Their unilateral-statehood bid at the UN has collapsed. The United States firmly opposed it, and even European powers on the Security Council were lukewarm. Both the U.S. Congress and Israel — albeit temporarily — have held up funding to the Palestinian Authority in protest of its antics. […]

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Obama’s Fantasies, Egyptian Reality


One can take heart from this week’s Wikileaks revelations about how intensely Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s new vice-president and former intelligence chief, dislikes both homegrown Egyptian and Iranian Islamists. Regarding the domestic Muslim Brotherhood, Suleiman in 2006 told FBI director Robert Mueller that they had spawned “11 different Islamist extremist organizations” and that “the principal danger…was […]

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