Larry Thornberry

Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.


A Coupla Resentful Ignoramuses


It doesn’t seem to matter how unlikely, ahistorical, or plain dumb the story is (or as we have learned to say, the “narrative”), there is always a market for it, especially among the gullible, resentful, and ill-informed. Colin Kaepernick, currently with the San Francisco Forty-Niners, is all three, and therefore vulnerable to the political left’s […]

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Praise vs. Bacon


Emory University neuroscientist Gregory Burns, by scanning the brains of dozens of dogs over the past five years, has established, to his satisfaction, that most dogs enjoy praise from their humans almost, or even as much as, food treats.  Geez, Greg, folks who’ve shared their lives with pooches could have told you this without your having […]

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Are We Hitting or Cooking?


Credit Tampa Bay Rays shortstop/first baseman Brad Miller with the best quote yet on the subject of batting gloves, equipment that no ballplayer at any level felt necessary within easy memory, but that is a near universal scourge now. Adjusting of batting gloves and general fidgeting and futzing about therewith probably add a half hour […]

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Chickens for the Colonel?


George Neumayr’s “Christians in Hillary’s Crosshairs” in yesterday’s offerings is essential reading for Christians wishing to know where they would stand in the secular, mommy fascism of a Hillary Clinton administration.  So essential that I sent it to what my wife calls my rant list. One of my astute observers of the political and spiritual […]

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A Little Good News for the Donald?


Tampa Fake it till you make it seems to be the phase the Trump campaign is in just now, with campaign spokesmen talking up a win for the Donald while every bit of hard evidence indicates a loss of historic proportions is far more likely than a win for the Mouth That Roared. It takes […]

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Local ‘Times’ Misses the Story Again


“Barred from Fla. Voting,” the top of page 1A headline of Monday’s Tampa Bay Times sobs above a whiney story about the fact Florida does not allow convicted felons to vote, even after they’ve been released from prison, unless they complete a process to restore their civil rights.  A process that many folks who found Florida’s laws […]

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America’s Young Men at War in the Air


Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II By John C. McManus (NAL Caliber, 464 pages, $16 paperback) In Deadly Sky, historian and World War II chronicler John C. McManus gives us a close and intimate a view of the lives of American combat airmen in all theaters of World War II. As […]

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More Unconnectable Dots From Pope Francis


Last Tuesday young Muslim men with knives burst into a Catholic Church in Western France and cut the throat of the 85 year-old priest conducting services. They yelled “Allahu akbar!” ISIS claimed credit for the dastardly deed. This was just the latest in a long series of atrocities committed by young Muslim men in the […]

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More Candidate Hairballs in Rubio’s Favor


Okay, good candidates lose elections too. But it’s much easier for bad ones to do so. And the Democrats are putting up a couple of beauties for the Florida U.S. Senate seat now held by Marco Rubio. Formerly red Florida may be purple now, with demographics pushing the Sunshine State slowly but surely in the […]

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Billy-Bob Losing Arm Speed


As TAS regulars know, I can find a way to relate most things to baseball. No exception this morning. As fans of the Grand Old Game know, most pitchers lose arm-speed as they get older. At some point they no longer have the live fastball. (Nolan Ryan was a spectacular exception, bringing the heat until […]

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