Judah Friedman

Judah Friedman is a writer in Los Angeles.


Dear Mr. President


Dear Mr. President, I have a request, a very humble request, and I mean it with all the respect in the world: please stop talking. There’s an old expression that everything after but, and I am saying this nicely, is manure. And you sir are spreading enough of it, and in language you can understand, […]

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America Divided Between Sitters and Standers


I was never cool enough to sit at the cool kids’ table, never smart enough to sit at the nerds’ table, never bad enough to stand where the bad boys stood, since they never seemed to be sitting anywhere. I was a kid without a table. And, let me tell you for those of you […]

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Mr. Obama, Meet My Father


When I was about six or seven years old, I was in temple one Sabbath sitting next to my father, when a man came to shake my hand, I took his hand and said good Sabbath to him, when all of a sudden I felt a little smack on the back of my head and […]

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Almost Grown


This year has been one of the roughest years of my young adult life, and that is something as I have had many tough ones. I truly would like to blame it on someone else, but, in earnest, the only one who I look to is myself. I have been given everything, and, for the […]

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Eugene the Veteran


About a week ago, I was on my nightly dog walk with my beloved Nixon. As Nixon was playing with one of the other dogs, I started talking to one of the fellow dog walkers whose name is Eugene. Eugene and I have spoken many times, and I have always considered it an honor to […]

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Do I Dare?


I have asked a few friends if they would like to go with me and they have all said no. I am not sure, to be honest, if they have no interest, or if they have the same fears that I do. I have never done this alone, and frankly, I really do not want […]

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Palinism’s Threat to Feminism


I can count on my hands the number of times in the last month I have heard a good word uttered in this great town of Hollywood about Sarah Palin. I have been trying to figure out what it is about her that bothers so many women here. How can a woman from a tiny […]

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In Defense of Miley Cyrus


The year was 1987. I was eleven years old. I remember sitting in front of the TV whether or not my homework was done. Nothing else mattered, Wise Guy was on, I would put my black gloves on just to add to the realism of the situation, and I would imagine that I too worked […]

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Cling Static


It’s funny. The more that I hear and think about the comments that Barack Obama made about people clinging to religion and guns, the more I realize he is right. But I also started to think, what’s wrong with clinging to religion? Why is that such a bad thing? Even if Obama is 100 percent […]

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The Redistribution of Swag


It’s that time of year in Hollywood, awards time, Festival time. It’s a time of year when those who give us so much will get a little bit back for themselves. I know we will all truly be a little sad if the writers’ strike does not end (no live awards). We’ll be sad, not […]

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