Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott is an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan.


Gross Out in Portland


If you had to choose one story that shows why American workers are not wild about unions these days, public or private, look to Portland, Oregon. Voters statewide are set to decide on a ballot initiative there in November that could do more to kill jobs than most category 4 hurricanes. Targeted at big businesses, […]

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Why the Military-Industrial Complex Loves Hillary


Military contractors are overwhelmingly favoring Hillary Clinton for president with their political contributions this year. Though Republicans normally enjoy a slight fundraising advantage here, she currently leads Donald Trump 5-to-1 among donations from employees of the top 25 firms in this extremely lucrative, highly government dependent industry. An article in Politico last week tried to […]

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Les Terroristes’ Tactics


The Bastille Day terrorist rundown massacre in Nice, France last week shows us again just how hard it is to wage a successful war on “terrorism” as such. Terrorism is a tactic, not an ideology, though clearly it’s a tactic that some ideologies and populations seem more gung-ho to take up than others. The instincts […]

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Liberal Interventionism Runs Amok at State


The Obama administration’s foreign policy in Syria has been a failure by any non-sociopathic measure, a policy quite literally at war with itself. And yet, some high ranking State Department officials want not less but more of this. To recap the insanity: Our government funded two different “moderate” rebel groups in Syria (CIA-backed Arab rebels […]

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An Open Mind, An Open Letter — to My Neoconservative Friends


Dear Neoconservative Friends, I won’t name names, because 1) we actually are friends, 2) you know who you are, and 3) that isn’t the point of this exercise. The idea is to try to change your minds about something very big and to convince anyone else who wants to listen in. Let’s start with Iraq. […]

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Coalition of the Unwilling


Foreign policy jokes are the worst jokes, as I learned at the Advancing American Security summit last month. One had me chuckling, however. “You’ve got me surrounded. I’m a bad strategist,” Professor Stephen Walt quipped while fielding questions from the lunch crowd that encircled him. Then again, we weren’t there at the Georgetown Fairmount for […]

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Time for the Miyagi Doctrine


Who’ll teach our Karate Kid foreign policy wannabes what winning means? My basic idea of a sane foreign policy outlook was best put by a B-movie actor in a 1980s film franchise that refuses to go away. “Fighting not good. But if must fight, win,” said Mr. Miyagi, played by Pat Morita, in one of […]

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Flickr Creative Commons by Per Arne Slotte

After ISIS, What?


America is likely to remain no less overextended. Barron’s argued in last week’s cover story against American pessimism in the Middle East. It predicted that ISIS will no longer be a landholder by the end of next year. The financial weekly mustered the best possible case that this will happen, and it might. Yet while […]

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Lindsey Graham Goes Full Ralph Lauren Jacket


“All of that stuff in the Mideast is important, who will be president, that’s important. But I’ve got the wrong jacket,” Senator Lindsey Graham announced on CBS News Friday. “We’re not going to fix the world unless I get my jacket back.” He added, “If we get this right, everything else falls into place.” Now, the […]

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Weary and Wary of War


LYNDEN, Washington Going on six years ago, I moved back to my adopted hometown, snug up against the Canadian border. I came back after a long spell in the bad Washington — the one with D.C. after it. The Evergreen State has a reputation for being very liberal. That’s mostly due to the insufferable Lenin-venerating hipster […]

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