George Neumayr

George Neumayr, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is co-author of No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom.


Hillary Tells It Like It Ain’t


According to the latest polling, almost seven out of ten Americans view Hillary Clinton as a liar. Twenty years ago, New York Times columnist William Safire wrote that “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization” that Hillary “is a congenital liar.” Not much has changed. Her 60 Minutes interview last weekend […]

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Hillary and the NAACP Mob


Among the speakers at the upcoming Democratic convention is the mother of Michael Brown, who died after attacking a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, a conclusion that even Eric Holder’s politicized Justice Department had to acknowledge. That Hillary would give a platform to Brown’s mother to trash cops tells voters all they need to know […]

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Hillary’s Cop-Bashing, Past and Present


As a student radical during the Black Panthers era, Hillary Clinton gravitated to the company of anti-cop activists. At Yale, she helped edit a law journal that depicted police officers as racist pigs and ran numerous articles in defense of cop-killers. During her law school stint, she spent free moments offering assistance to the lawyers for Black Panthers […]

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Trump’s Three Opponents


The media devotes more time to Trump’s re-tweets than to Hillary’s unpunished felonies. While her mishandling of classified information causes reporters to yawn, they jump to attention at the slightest hint of impropriety by Trump. They cast his re-tweets as pregnant with dark meaning even as they take her open lies at face value. How […]

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Hillary’s Cavalier Enablers


“Never Trump” agitators continue to work themselves up into a sanctimonious lather, indulging in a puritanical alarmism about Trump they normally pooh-pooh when it threatens one of their favored heterodox candidates. Gone are the “half a loaf is better than none” lectures they delivered to hector conservatives into supporting Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, […]

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Obama’s ‘Great Religion’


According to a Breitbart story about an upcoming book, Hillary Clinton once hurled a Bible at the back of a secret service agent’s head. Had the incident involved the Koran, she might have felt the need to issue an apology. But in the leftist circles in which she travels the Bible qualifies as hate literature. […]

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Hillary’s Islamophilia


After the bloodiest mass shooting in American history, Hillary Clinton commented that she is “happy to say” either “radical jihadism or radical Islamism” caused it. Her use of the phrase “radical jihadism” is curious. Does a non-radical jihadism exist in her mind? Perhaps. After all, her old colleague John Brennan, who is Obama’s CIA director, […]

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Hillary and the Cowering GOP Elite


Hillary Clinton finally clinched the nomination against a socialist senior citizen, who until the very end kept stealing states from her, such as North Dakota. This sad struggle, which required the establishment to pull her across the finish line while throwing elbows here and there, exposed the depth of her weaknesses in the general election. […]

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Those Sophisticated Clinton Republicans


Anthony Lewis, the former New York Times columnist, used to say in his moments of Bolshie pique over this or that that thwarted liberal scheme that America needs a “new people.” A similar cry can be heard from neocon tastemakers in the wake of Trump’s defeat of sixteen opponents. David Brooks is so worried about […]

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Wie schützt sich die alleinfahrende Auto-Fahrerin vor einem Ueberfall!
Durch Jiu-Jitsu, einer einfachen Verteidigungsmethode ist jeder Mensch in der Lage, sich bei einem Überfall tatkräftig zu wehren und den Verbrecher sogar unschädlich zu machen.
Ein Beispiel. Der Verbrecher hat ein Seil quer über die Landstrasse gespannt und das Auto zum Stehen gebracht, um die Autofahrerin zu berauben. Der Angriff des Verbrechers wird durch einen wirksamen Jiu-Jitsu-Griff an die Kehle abgewehrt.

Trump’s Jujutsu


A bewildered Hillary doesn’t know where the punches will come next. Republican presidential nominees normally run with one arm tied behind their back. Bob Dole shied away from discussing Bill Clinton’s scandals. John McCain ducked the subject of Barack Obama’s association with Jeremiah Wright. Mitt Romney dropped any mention of Benghazi in his final debate. […]

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