George Neumayr

George Neumayr, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is co-author of No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom.


Hillary’s Catholic Con


Barack Obama won a majority of the Catholic vote both in 2008 and 2012. Hillary Clinton, according to pollsters, is poised to do the same. She is leading Trump among Catholic voters by over twenty points. In an age of secularism and a secularized Catholic Church, Democrats have never found it easier to con Catholics. […]

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The Gray Lady’s Dainty Concerns About Bias


The New York Times considered it news the other day that Sean Hannity gives advice to Donald Trump, whom he has publicly and repeatedly endorsed. The tut-tutting tone of the piece, coming from a newspaper as baldly biased as the Times, is comic. The subtext of the column is that Hannity poses a threat to […]

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HIllary Hand on Heart

Christians in Hillary’s Crosshairs


Underpinning Hillary Clinton’s political philosophy is a coercive secularism that eliminates conservative Christians from public life. Should she win, she will not only force Christians to pay for contraceptives but also abortions. She will treat their schools and churches as the equivalent of Bob Jones University. She will court-martial chaplains and soldiers who don’t submit […]

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Cannibalizing Their Own Candidate


Chasing after pats on the head from the media, country club Republicans continue to line up against Trump. They rose to power on appeals to “Republican loyalty,” but now display none. Party pragmatism suddenly disgusts them, as they deliver lectures about “values” higher than victory. Who knew RINO proponents of abortion rights and gay marriage […]

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Hillary’s Khan Job


Hillary Clinton supported Obama’s persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor and his countless other assaults on religious freedom. In her capacity as Secretary of State, she made the imposition of the gay agenda on Christian countries in the developing world a “priority” of American foreign policy. She complained about outmoded “religious beliefs” in […]

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Hillary Tells It Like It Ain’t


According to the latest polling, almost seven out of ten Americans view Hillary Clinton as a liar. Twenty years ago, New York Times columnist William Safire wrote that “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization” that Hillary “is a congenital liar.” Not much has changed. Her 60 Minutes interview last weekend […]

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Hillary and the NAACP Mob


Among the speakers at the upcoming Democratic convention is the mother of Michael Brown, who died after attacking a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, a conclusion that even Eric Holder’s politicized Justice Department had to acknowledge. That Hillary would give a platform to Brown’s mother to trash cops tells voters all they need to know […]

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Hillary’s Cop-Bashing, Past and Present


As a student radical during the Black Panthers era, Hillary Clinton gravitated to the company of anti-cop activists. At Yale, she helped edit a law journal that depicted police officers as racist pigs and ran numerous articles in defense of cop-killers. During her law school stint, she spent free moments offering assistance to the lawyers for Black Panthers […]

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Trump’s Three Opponents


The media devotes more time to Trump’s re-tweets than to Hillary’s unpunished felonies. While her mishandling of classified information causes reporters to yawn, they jump to attention at the slightest hint of impropriety by Trump. They cast his re-tweets as pregnant with dark meaning even as they take her open lies at face value. How […]

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Hillary’s Cavalier Enablers


“Never Trump” agitators continue to work themselves up into a sanctimonious lather, indulging in a puritanical alarmism about Trump they normally pooh-pooh when it threatens one of their favored heterodox candidates. Gone are the “half a loaf is better than none” lectures they delivered to hector conservatives into supporting Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, […]

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