Geoffrey Norman


Geoffrey Norman is a long-time contributor to The American Spectator. His novel Inch by Inch can be found on Amazon.


Queen of Disdain


Hillary Clinton has a way of dissing not just her political opponents but their supporters as well. She seems to take it their opposition personally; to dismiss the notion of good faith opposition as a fiction. Talking recently to some supporters about the young people who had backed Bernie Sanders, her opponent in presidential primaries, […]

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Trump’s Taxes: Who to Blame


We are all supposed to be shocked, shocked that Donald Trump may have paid no taxes for several years.  Not shocked, mind you, because he did something illegal.  Nobody, so far, is suggesting that.  So it follows that we are supposed to be shocked and outraged because Trump did not pay taxes that he did […]

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A Rising Star Goes Cold 


Her name might well have been “Rising Star,” since it seemed every news story about Kathleen Kane used that modifier. She was the first woman elected as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General and she had ambitions. Governor, maybe. Or Senator. Who knew? But she was undeniably a “rising star.” Everyone said so. Today, Ms. Rising Star is […]

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Meanwhile, Back in Washington…


This is the season of the grand political promise. Vote for me — or my candidate — and life will continue to be good and, in fact, get better. Or, on the other hand, life will be good, again, if you vote them out and me, in. Pie in the sky. Milk and honey. Free […]

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OJ Saved1

Time Favors the Wicked


O.J., Bubba, and the Donald. Because my daughter said I should, I decided to watch that ten part series on the O.J. Simpson trial. She had no memory of the O.J. story and, for that matter, mine was fairly sketchy. She’d been too young to understand or care when the original played on television … […]

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An Alibi for All Seasons


The problem with government that thinks it’s running Disney World. People seeking medical attention from the VA face long wait times but, then, so do people waiting to ride on the cup and saucer at Disney World. It isn’t the time spent waiting that is the important thing; it is the experience. So said the […]

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New World Order?


Twenty years ago this week, the war known as “Desert Storm” ended with the United States and its allies utterly victorious and President George H. W. Bush’s vision of a “new world order” seemingly validated. Aggression had been met, turned back, and punished. So decisively, it seemed, that no rogue state would try anything like […]

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The Last Republican?


The earth has become small, and on it hops the Last Man, who makes everything small. His species is ineradicable as the flea; the Last Man lives longest. — Nietzsche So it seems it will be Mitt. And good thing he won’t be offering his main rival the second spot on the ticket. “Mitt & […]

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Wade and Nancy


It was a devastating loss. A wipeout. Even, a “shellacking.” The Cowboys got mauled in Green Bay, 45-7, and as they say, it wasn’t even that close. The Cowboys couldn’t run, couldn’t pass, couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t stop the pass, and when that game plan failed, they got creative. Because the Dallas coaches had […]

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National Patronizing Radio


Anna Christopher, who is “senior manager of media relations” at National Public Radio, spent yesterday doing some serious explaining. Most of us probably didn’t know that NPR had any managers of media relations, much less a senior one, and certainly didn’t care. NPR is free to waste money any way it chooses, even if some […]

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