Betsy McCaughey

Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., is a patient advocate, chairman and founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, and a former Lt. Governor of New York State.


Failure at Foggy Bottom


Hillary Clinton boasts that her experience traveling to 112 countries as secretary of state qualifies her to be president. Don’t believe it. At the end of her taxpayer-funded audition on the world stage, she came home empty-handed, with no meaningful gains for the United States. Voters are too smart to be wowed when she rattles off names […]

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What’s in Your Wallet?


The choice for voters is clear: a tax cut from Trump or a pay cut courtesy of Clinton. Donald Trump is promising to slash income taxes to zero for millions of people currently paying them, and to reduce the tax bite on everyone else except the megarich. Hillary Clinton isn’t cutting income tax rates for anyone. Instead, she’s […]

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Bad Teacher Protection Racket


Bad teachers. We’ve all had one. A Connecticut judge is ordering the state to stop spending money on teachers who can’t or won’t teach. State Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher ruled last week that Connecticut must overhaul how it evaluates and pays public school teachers, including expediting firing the worst performers. Connecticut claims 98% of […]

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How to Escape Obamacare


On Tuesday, Aetna announced it’s canceling its Obamacare plans in nearly all states. Count on other major insurers to back out soon. When open enrollment starts November 1, the public will see they’re going to have few plans to choose from. Worse, they’re going to be paying lots more for health insurance in 2017 and getting less. […]

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Voters Get to Choose Class Warfare or Take Home Pay 


This week Donald Trump laid out a serious plan to jumpstart the nation’s limping economy. But Hillary Clinton’s unserious response shows this election is a choice between economic growth and class warfare politics. Trump proposed tax cuts, regulatory relief, unfettered development of coal, oil and natural gas, and fairer trade pacts. One item in his plan […]

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The Tax Shaming Trap


Hillary Clinton and the media are goading Donald Trump again into releasing his tax returns, suggesting he’s unwilling to pay his “fair share.” Sadly, even a few of Trump’s fellow Republicans are piling on. Their crazy premise: Paying the IRS more than you legally owe makes you a better person. That’s nonsense. Donald Trump is wisely resisting […]

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Elizabeth Warren

Dems Busting Airbnb


The battle over Airbnb is taking center stage at the Democratic National Convention. The fight is emblematic of the dispute between Republicans and Democrats over who should steer the economy: government regulators, on the one hand, or consumers and business innovators on the other. Democrats are attacking Airbnb and similar Internet sites that enable people to earn […]

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Government Dysfunction Costs Lives


Editor’s Note: Debra J. Saunders is off. The following column is by Betsy McCaughey. Every year, more than half a million patients in the U.S. are unknowingly put at risk of contracting a superbug infection during a common medical procedure. A doctor threads a tube-like scope down your throat and into your digestive system to […]

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Clinton’s Phony Health Care Fixes


Editor’s Note: Debra J. Saunders is off. The following column is by Betsy McCaughey. The Clinton campaign is finally owning up to what most Americans learned the hard way. The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable. In fact, its costs are “crushing” people who have to buy health insurance. Hillary Clinton vows to fix […]

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Rebellion in the House: It’s About Democracy


Don’t be bamboozled by the mainstream media’s snarky coverage of the overthrow of Speaker John Boehner. It is not “chaos,” nor a brawl among politicians with oversized personalities and ambitions. The battle is over a key American principle, and the outcome will affect you. Right now, newly elected members of Congress — meaning anyone serving a […]

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