Ben Stein

Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.


Trump Can Do a Lot Better


Tuesday The world is shifting badly. Just today I sat with two brilliant graduate students at a super-high-end restaurant in Georgetown in DC. These girls are close relatives and their parents were there, too. One of the students explained what she was learning at her fancy university in New England. “They have found 35,000-year-old bone […]

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‘And He Walks With Me’


Sunday It’s the day of the Emmy Awards ceremony. I am feeling a bit strange about it. For one thing, I used to go to the Daytime Emmy ceremony year after year when Win Ben Stein’s Money was on the air on Comedy Central. That was fifteen years ago. I’m sad that I’m not invited […]

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Hillary and Pneumonia Up Close


Warning: this will be a little jumbled up because my thoughts on pneumonia are so powerful and have been jostling in my brain for so long. First, let’s be honest: those “rumors” about Mrs. Hillary Clinton being ill had at least some truth to them all along. I know pneumonia extremely well. I have had it […]

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The Meaning of Deplorable


Hillary Clinton talks about half of the supporters of Donald Trump — they’re “racists… xenophobic… Islamophobic… homophobic… a basketful of deplorables.” Synonyms for “deplorable” on Wiki and in many print dictionaries:  “Disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, inexcusable, unpardonable, deserving one’s loathing, wretched…” So, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who made up a series of lies in the commodities […]

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Russland, Panzerhaubitze "Hummel"

Summer’s End Far From the Eastern Front


Friday Summer is rapidly coming to an end for us here in Sandpoint. I hate this time of year but also love it. There is a hint of Fall in the air but the sun is bright on the lake and men and women and children are sunbathing on City Beach. But I am leaving […]

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Summer and Smoke


Monday Oooh. Close to the end of summer and it’s smoky up here in Sandpoint, Idaho. There are brush fires burning east of us near Spokane. The smoke is blown over our perfect Lake Pendoreille, covers it up for a time, and then the wind shifts and we have a clear view west for miles. […]

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Read My Lips: ‘NO TAXES AT ALL’


Hmm. Roughly eighty days to the election. Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton have submitted their tax plans and some generalities about economic policy. In a word, Mr. Trump advocates lower taxes for the rich and a drastic cut in the corporate income tax. Mrs. Clinton advocates a surcharge for the very highly paid — $5 […]

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A Reminder to Dear Hillary: Corporations Are Us


At her fine speech at the DNC accepting the nomination, Mrs. Clinton listed some things she would give away free to her fans if and when she wins. They were paid leaves and medical care of various kinds and free tuition and forgiveness of student debt for millions of college students and grads. Standard politicians’ […]

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After the Democrats’ Horror Show


Beverly Hills It is hot. Too hot. I awakened feeling happy, though. Maybe because the conventions are over and I can go back to watching my TCM classic movies and my World War One documentaries. I also just finished watching the greatest western of all time, High Noon. There is a movie about heroism. About […]

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A Little Note


Dear Readers, Over the years I have often mentioned my war hero Yale Law School classmate, the super successful trial lawyer, John W. Keker of San Francisco. He was a Marine hero in Vietnam, severely wounded in his arm in a battle. At least once, and maybe more than that, I have mentioned that  John was […]

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