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Current Wisdom

By From the May 2014 issue

New York Review of BooksMore bilge from the global warmists:There is the scientific and ideological language for what is happening to the weather, but there are hardly any intimate words. Is that surprising? People in mourning tend to use euphemisms; likewise the guilty and ashamed. The most melancholy of all the euphemisms: “The new normal.” “It’s the new normal,” I think, as a beloved pear tree, half-drowned, loses its grip on the earth and falls over. The train line to Cornwall washes away—the new normal. We can’t even say the word “abnormal” to each other out loud: it reminds us of what came before. Better to forget what once was normal, the way season followed season, with a temperate charm only the poets appreciated. (April 3, 2014)The ProgressiveIn a brave attempt to review Governor Scott Walker’s latest treatise, one Ian Murphy, “a blogging blogger,” makes a reckless attempt at harebrained humor and comes off as merely harebrained: 

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