The Bootblack Stand

The Bootblack Stand

By From the May 2014 issue

George—Us athletes have had it up to here. We work hard to practice and play while our schools make tons of money. Some of us do really good in classes and graduate and get jobs with personal training and sports medicine. And we deserve to be paid and join a unison for collectible bargaining. Not so much everybody, but mens basket ball and mens foot ball for sure. How can people think we don’t? Its just incomprehenstible.Sven UlrichPower ForwardHarvard Crimson BasketballMr. Ulrich—A compelling case, if me do say so myself! You can start at the federal minimum wage of $2.13 per hour, plus tips. But I must say that I do have concerns about college athlete unison membership—of, in effect, allowing sports Teamsters to turn On the Waterfront into

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Dr. George Washington Plunkitt, our prize-winning political analyst, has recently retired from a staff position with the House Ethics Committee and is working on his memoirs. But he has graciously consented to once again advise American statesmen in these times of trouble. Address all correspondence to The Bootblack Stand, c/o The American Spectator.