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Pygmies and Giants

From the May 2014 issue

Grover Norquist’s preemptive effort to limit the GOP presidential field to six candidates (“Six Giants,” TAS, March 2014) is premature. We’re still a long way out from 2016, and while no one will deny that Governors Christie, Walker, and Jindal have performed admirably in their respective states, their national appeal is untested. Ditto Governors Bush and Perry, both of whom will be “former” elected officials by the time the 2016 primary campaign heats up. Politicians currently holding office have a big advantage in attracting media attention and raising money. Senator Rand Paul is certainly a credible candidate, but does Norquist’s omission of Senator Ted Cruz suggest that Cruz falls into the “pygmy” category? If so, I beg to differ. Cruz is hugely popular in Texas (he regularly outpolls Rick Perry in presidential polls), and has become a national hero by vigorously opposing Obamacare. He is smart, articulate, and more mainstream than Paul on foreign policy.

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