Current Wisdom

Current Wisdom

By From the April 2014 issue

The ProgressiveMiss Ruth Conniff, The Prog’s new editor, introduces a special issue of the magazine featuring the work of obvious homicidal maniacs:In this special issue of the magazine, we bring you a treasury of essays by writers, activists, and citizens who are doing their level best to make the world a better place.(December 2013-January 2014)Huffington PostMiss Vered Benhorin [sic] laments how her precious five-year-old son overcame her epicene efforts at parenting to become a modern-day Tea Partier and, who knows, a possible president of these United States: I woke up this morning to my nearly 5-year-old son, his big blue eyes close to mine, saying “Mama! Let’s play!” Somehow, I dragged myself to the living room where he had set up dinosaurs. He told me the rules: “My dinosaurs have superpowers and yours don’t. Mine find yours and then kill them with their power!” That woke me up.

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