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Our ObamaLord

From the April 2014 issue

Ira Stoll further certifies that the Obamacare website fiasco was everything the critics said it was (“???AF_DIALOG.LABEL_OK???” TAS, March 2014). But there is a much more significant point that is only implied in the article. This point could easily be lost if the reader just comes away with the impression that yes, the rollout was a disaster.The implicit better point that might be noticed in the last paragraph and elsewhere is this: Even if the website had performed flawlessly, Obamacare would still involve Fat Cats getting rich taking more of your money and more of your freedom to give you lesser quality health care. The many provisions in Obamacare specifying who gets treated and who doesn’t (and consequently who lives and who dies) are not a problem with the website. Fix the website and those ObamaLords are still there. 

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