Enemy of the Week


Lots of folks with some explaining to do.

By 11.15.13

That didn’t take long. His very first words at yesterday’s press conference—a lie! “Good morning,” he began, when it was already afternoon. But he quickly caught himself, pushed his nose back in (it works like an elongated spyglass), said the wrong time of day was on him. Meaning we really do get to keep him, though White House aides and many a guest and host on CNN and MSNBC reminded reporters and viewers it was still morning in the Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones when he spoke, not to mention Hawaii and Baja California.

He did a good job defending the idea if not the practice of Obamacare. Some favorite lines: “We can always make this law work better.” “Ultimately, I’m the president of the United States.” “It’s scary getting a cancellation notice.” But for pure psycho-syntactical bliss, there was this: “I think everybody understands that I’m not happy about the fact that the rollout has been, you know, wrought with a whole range of problems that I’ve been deeply concerned about.”

For sheer bravery, though, there was his directing viewers to the White House website that links to organizations helping in Philippine relief efforts. He even spelled the it out, WhiteHouse.gov/typhoon. We went to the site. It opened. It consists of one page, sort of like a flat tax form. Imagine that. But of course the architecture was there. It’s a branch of the main White House site, the indispensable WhiteHouse.gov, home of many an Obama photo and publicity still and the texts he reads on his teleprompter. In other words, it’s Ground Zero for the Obama ego machine. If it didn’t work, it would be the end of 21st century civilization as we've come to know it.

You will notice the political Mr. O was up to his old tricks, pointing out for instance not only that he would be appearing later in the day with Ohio Gov. Kasich--“a Republican,” he added, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, as if clearly wanting to get the fellow in trouble with our investigators. And why would the president get together with a REPUBLICAN? To welcome the REPUBLICAN’s enrolling 275,000 Ohioans into Obamacare-expanded Medicaid. No doubt that will clinch Ohio for the GOP in 2016. When it comes to John Kasich, our minds always go back to his congressional days when we caught him coming out of an elevator along Pennsylvania Avenue to watch Bill Clinton’s second inaugural parade from the balcony at a nearby party. Stunned by all the people he saw in the lobby, he couldn’t stop exclaiming, wide-eyed, “Great Day! Great Day! Great Day!” He might have been the only man in Washington to display any emotion that day. But we suppose if he loved the idea of a second Clinton term, he’d be easy picking when it came to expanding welfare under the Obama man.

We’re still trying to get our arms around the grand total of Obamacare first enrollees. The administration had been expecting an obese 500,000 fat-and-happy campers. Instead we learn that Healthcare.gov hooked a mere 26,794 skinny dippers. In short, there is reason to fight obesity. Good for you, Madam First Lady.

Funny we should mention Michelle, because the last Democratic first lady before her, despite many fine subsequent posts and campaigns since then, has been forgotten. How else to explain Commentary’s recent headline, “Is Kerry the Worst Secretary of State Ever?” In such a short time Le Grand Jean-François has erased Madam Secretary Hillary from histoire. What difference, at this point, if we may, does it make? Actually, no difference, unless you see one between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. To be sure, Secretary Kerry never washed his hands of Benghazi. From what we can tell, he’s been putting his hands to other uses. As we saw recently in Warsaw, where during a recent stopover he was spotted walking along one of the city’s main avenues, in a dapper diplomat’s suit, but with his hands in his pockets, most undiplomatically. At least in Poland, where schoolboys have long been known to tease a classmate who dared to carry on this way, “No fair, no fair, ten on one….”

To be fair to the troubled secretary, he had bigger things on his mind, such as how to win the Ayatollahs’ trust, who was it who killed the earlier JFK since clearly he doesn’t think it was Lee Harvey Oswald, and how is he going to parlay his stint at State into another presidential run?

Listen up, Sir. If you want to challenge Hillary and Biden in 2016, make sure this week’s EOW conviction is expunged from your record.

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