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Debbie Does D.C.

DWS's progressive delusions on rancorous display.

By 11.12.13


For the Next Generation: A Wake-Up Call to Solving Our Nation’s Problems
By Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Julie M. Fenster
(St. Martin’s Press, 308 pages, $25.99)

Leftists wishing a complete treatment of progressive chants, tics, talking points, sacraments, secret handshakes, and calamitous policies can find them in For the Next Generation, a tedious and repetitious 300-page walk through the entire catalogue of leftist delusions. Every failed idea since Rousseau is here lovingly lifted up as part of the path to an American paradise.

This over-long leftist catechism was ghost-written by Julie M. Fenster for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, an aged-in-the barrel leftist who is now a member of the U.S. House representing a South Florida district between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, which includes South Beach. She’s also chairwomanperson of the Democratic National Committee, so readers can be assured everything she says here is party line.

Republicans wishing an economical guide to the bad ideas and nobbling policies they’re running against need only keep a dog-eared copy of this gospel according to Debbie at hand. Conservative and patriotic Americanos wishing to count the ways leftists plan to assault everything they believe in and to turn human nature on its head could do so with this one-stop guide. The book has no other value.

The subtitle to a book that could more descriptively been titled “Leftists Are Us,” is “A Wake-Up Call to Solving Our Nation’s Problems. This from a woman who, on the evidence of the policies she whoops up, slept through her economics classes at college. She is either unaware, or doesn’t care, that the policies her party has successfully retailed over the past few decades are the nation’s problems.

Our Debbie is a comprehensive and consistent fount of error and misdirection. Countering all of her bad ideas and false assertions would require a column longer than her book. But let’s sample just a few:

In an introduction, carrying the title “The Future Our Children Deserve” (very bad children presumably), Debbie brags that she worked on a “program that teaches parents how to be their child’s first teacher.” She said that early on she realized that “kids were the most vulnerable members of our society and so they needed legislators like me to look out for them.” So all you fumbling parents step aside, Debbie and her compassionate legislative colleagues will be taking care of the kids from now on. You’ve done enough damage.

In her chapter on the economy, Debbie explains how, regardless of the tortoise-like recovery during the Obama years, the $787 billion (and change) “stimulus” that Barack Obama began his administration with was, contrary to the “Republican refrain” to the contrary, a success. And would have been more of a success had it been “much, much larger.” In Debbie’s world, a country can spend itself into prosperity.

As for the cause of the economic infarct of 2008, it was all the fault of greedy bankers and Wall Street hustlers. Nary a mention of congressional hustlers who leaned on regulators to lean on bankers, on pain of losing their licenses, to give mortgage loans to anyone with a pulse, therefore setting up the real estate crash which took the economy down with it.

When Debbie mentions the national debt, which isn’t often for a book about “Solving Our Nation’s Problems,” she expresses no urgency to stop incontinent government spending. But she does point out the sky would be ever so much bluer if “the rich” were taxed more.

In the chapter “Health Care: A Right Worth Fighting For,” we learn that America has a terrible health care system that made Americans less healthy than citizens of Western nations with socialized medicine, and that Obamacare will right all the inequities and heal all the sick better for less.

Debbie isn’t easily discouraged by bad news. Just last week, in the face of the disastrous roll out of the Obamacare website and the blatant lies about his signature legislation Obama was caught in, Debbie took to the air on MSNBC to say that nothing she or Obama had ever said about Obamacare was untrue. Any problems, she assured us, were being caused by, you guessed it, those greedy insurance companies. Just last Sunday she added evidence that she is off her own medications when she said on CNN that Democrats could run and win on Obamacare in the 2014 congressional elections.

In “A Superpower for Peace,” Debbie gives Obama a high-five for canceling Osama bin Laden’s ticket. She then teaches us that when her president sent troops into battle — as in the surge in Afghanistan — it was to vanquish our nation’s enemies. When George W. Bush did the same it was “jingoism.”

Debbie’s chapter on energy, “We Know the Drill; It’s Time to Explore Alternatives,” is one of her most febrile. It contains as much hysteria and misinformation as the Sierra Club Newsletter, and is as apocalyptic. Debbie has bought the global warming fraud hook, line, and computer model. If we don’t soon swear off fossil fuels and turn to renewable sources of energy — aka sources that exist only in trifling amounts and cost a fortune — the sea will rise and Florida will return to the depths whence it came.

In chapters called “Putting the Fight Back in Women’s Rights” and “Civil Rights: A March Without End,” Debbie encourages women and minorities to continue to nurse grievances and to see themselves as victims in need of daily government protection. She raises the tired and baseless charges of a Republican war on women (brilliant political strategy that — purposely irritate more than half the electorate) and Republicans’ alleged efforts to keep black folks from voting.

I could go on, but I can hear readers crying for mercy. I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. So I will let up here.

One would never guess by reading our Debbie that the wages of leftism are poverty, tyranny, and Soviet-style dreariness. The end of the policies Debbie and her co-conspirators in the American left whoop up is a kind of mommy-fascism. (Like so many left hustlers today, Debbie justifies so much of her public sector power grabs by crooning, “It’s for the children,” without once saying how the children will pay the monstrous bill her policies would force on these innocents when they grow up — assuming one is allowed to grow up in a mommy-state.)

In his content-free and unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2010, Charlie Crist (another bizarre story, and fodder for later columns as he has no marketable skills and is therefore seeking high office again) was fond of saying, “Let’s bring a little Florida common sense to Washington.” Charlie was forced onto such meaningless phrases because he didn’t have a coherent position on any issue that stayed in place more than a few weeks. Debbie on the other hand has positions on just about every issue that exists and a few that don’t. She has been far left from the creation. And she could hardly say, “Let’s bring a little South Beach common sense to Washington,” now could she?

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