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The Sinking of RMS Obamacare

It’s déjà vu all over again.

By 11.7.13

How goes the captain of RMS Obamacare as water pours through the open holes and hatches of what was supposed to be a masterpiece of social engineering? How does he feel as the forward deck of his eponymous vessel sinks beneath the waves while the stern lifts high into the air -- cracking the doomed ship into two?

Does he say a prayer for those he has condemned to an early death -- like Edie Littlefield Sundby, who wrote an article (“You Also Can’t Keep Your Doctor,” WSJ, Nov. 4) describing how she has survived stage-4 gall bladder cancer for almost seven years, but how her existing medical insurance has been canceled effective Dec. 31 , leaving her with no hope of finding an affordable replacement through the government health exchange that would enable her to keep her lifesaving team of doctors in place?

Does he grieve for those condemned to live in straitened circumstances -- forced to pay two, three or even ten times as much for the same or worse coverage? According to some experts, that may be as many as hundred million people by the end of 2014 when the employer mandate goes into effect.

Will he continue to tell people that they have been equipped with bigger and better lifejackets, even though the RMS Obamacare lifejackets are lined with lead weights (requiring people in their fifties to have maternity coverage and those with no inkling of mental illness to be insured against it) that more than offset any increased buoyancy?

Will he admit to promising the impossible --

… of saying you can expand coverage to millions of new people, require the insurance companies to comply with all kinds of costly mandates, disregard pre-existing conditions in pricing insurance, and then say with a straight face that none of this will cost a dime – that it will, in fact, make it possible to reduce insurance premiums for the average family by $2,500 per year.

Does he regret bringing all kinds of thugs on board to enforce the unworkable provisions of the ludicrously misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act --

…I speak here a) of the tens of thousands of newly empowered IRS agents who will sit in judgment in looking at your medical records as well as your tax returns, and who will decide whether millions of small businesses and employers are doing everything they need to do avoid major fines and penalties, and b) of the lightly trained and no doubt lightly vetted army of “navigators” from organizations like Planned Parenthood who are supposed to guide the needy through the application and registration process (incidentally helping them with other things such as voter registration, or voter fraud).

And then, to repeat the question that has been asked so many times over the past week, will he own up to the blatant falsehood of having stated, repeatedly and unequivocally, that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and if you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan?

In his present circumstances, we also wonder whether the captain, in thinking back over his larger role as commander in chief, does not castigate himself for failing to respond to the SOS sent out by those who were slaughtered in Benghazi on the night of Sept. 11/12 -- including Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

Time will tell, but the likely answer to all these questions is not just No, but Hell No.

In the coming weeks and months, it will be a great surprise if the president does not summon himself up to new feats of dissembling, self-delusion and prevarication.

But then again he is stuck with the problem of righting a ship that that began to take on water the moment it was launched. If website crashed after signing up just six people on its first day of operation, what are the chances that HMS Obamacare, upon the further development of its stupidities and contradictions, will wind up anyplace else other than the ocean floor. This ship isn’t unsinkable; it’s un-floatable.

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Andrew B. Wilson, a frequent contributor to The American Spectator, is a resident fellow and senior writer at the Show-Me Institute, a free-market think tank based in Saint Louis.