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From the November 2013 issue

Send to Kindle On the tragic occasion of Mr. William “Freddie” McCullough’s abrupt departure from this Vale of Tears, the celebrated “Trooper Andrews” recalls Willy’s devotion to his Goat: I had the pleasure of arresting Mr. McCollough [sic] in Tennessee when he and his girlfriend were in Knoxville. They both had too much to drink and were arguing over Marlboro points when they were in town looking for the hotel where Hank Williams Sr. died. He asked me if I would keep his goat for him while he was in jail. I did. Willy and Freda both left town on bond and never came back. He would call a couple of times a year to check on his goat. The goat died five years later, but Willy still called to say hello at Christmas. I still have his Zippo lighter he left in the back seat of my patrol car. (September 18, 2013)  --- New York Times

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