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Corporate America Should Rescue the Government

Desperate times require serious solutions.

By 10.30.13

Many populists and those on the left fear or despise corporate America. But some of its methods and values are what is required to rescue the U.S. government. Our beleaguered Congress and White House desperately need help in governance. It is especially embarrassing for those wanting Big Government — resentful of private enterprise and anyone in the 1% — to ask for guidance from capitalists.  But with the ferocity of this shutdown and the potential consequences of a debt default later this month, it is obvious that governing is too serious to be left to the government. Our nation should see what corporate America — the private sector — can do in these trying times.   

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About the Author
Frank Schell is a business consultant and former international banking executive. He serves on the Dean’s International Council of the Harris School of Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago where he is a lecturer.