Current Wisdom

Current Wisdom

By From the May 2013 issue

(Official gazette of Eastern Washington University)

The vigorous life of the mind as lived at Eastern Washington University and Car Wash, out there on the West Coast in the eastern perimeter of the great Northwest, where the buffalo used to roam but now they have been replaced by asexuals, wandering hermaphrodites, and homing pigeons:

Asexuality can describe many different lifestyles, but the culture has one common thread. Their sexual preference is not you.

In 2005, Angela Tucker was searching for a unique topic to create her first independent documentary. That May Salon published an article describing the life story of asexual San Franciscan David Jay. Tucker was immediately inspired….

Asexuality is not to be confused with belonging to the third gender. Third gender is a gender category in which members are neither male or [sic] female. Those of the third gender have created pronouns to refer to themselves with [sic]. Fira Ballew, an event attendee, chooses “jhe” in place of “he/her” and “jhur” in place of “him/her.”

Ballew, an EWU interdisciplinary studies senior and aromantic [sic] asexual, said that jhe is happy to have the film available as a method of exposing jhur subculture to those who do not understand it. Jhe felt the film showed a lot of attacks on asexuality “It felt like a punch in the gut to hear those” [sic], said Ballew.
February 27, 2013


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