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Current Wisdom

By From the May 2013 issue

The dark obsessions of historian Eric Alterman are revealed as he traduces two blameless patriots, one reputed to be an Eagle Scout and the other a tireless assistor to little old ladies crossing the street:

As in the case of Charles Murray, whose racist arguments were later revealed to be based on neo-Nazi sources, [Elliott] Abrams’s career of lying to Congress, undermining democracies, helping to rationalize and cover up mass murder, and impugning the reputations of those who sought to tell the truth about these horrific acts has failed to dissuade respectable institutions like the Council on Foreign Relations, Georgetown University, and any number of temples and synagogues from treating him as if he had been a perfectly decent and honorable public servant. What does it say about our most influential and important institutions that this lifelong embarrassment to American democracy can be embraced as one of their own?
April 1, 2013


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