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Current Wisdom

By From the June 2013 issue

From the Howl Page of the venerated Post comes learned commentary on the battle between Odocoileus virginianus along the Rock Creek Parkway and Homo sapiens, and, yes, the good guys are winning:

Regarding the April 2 Metro article “20 deer killed in Rock Creek Park”:

I was a little shocked by the callous, matter-of-fact tone of this headline and the way this issue is being approached by the media in general.

The judgment that deer don’t matter and have no value because there are “too many of them” and because “they eat our flowers” is hard to justify. Can’t find it in the Bible. Can’t find it in the Constitution. I guess the only logical conclusion is that they’re “just animals.” So are we by the way.

Tom Cohen, Rockville 
(April 6, 2013)


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