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Current Wisdom

By From the June 2013 issue

An innocent headline by the editors of this family publication drives Miss Maureen O’Connor, writer in residence at New York Magazine, into frenzies of libidinous outrage while alone and at the keyboard of her laptop just below her signed picture of Erica: 

“The American Spectator Is Flaccid”
by Maureen O’Connor

Conservative magazine the American Spectator has a cover story about “Sarah Palin’s Rack,” about how “the former governor has racked up an impressive record electing conservatives.” I, for one, am disgusted. If you’re going to blow your load on a sexist headline like that, the article should be about Sarah Palin’s gun rack, not some belabored metaphor about political endorsements. The Spectator wanted to be ballsy, but in the heat of the moment, the Spectator fell short. The Spectator is flaccid today. It failed to perform. It is limp. It only wishes it were a goddamn boner.
(April 24, 2013)


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