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Current Wisdom

By From the July-August 2013 issue

In an intellectual review that bid fair to surpass the New York Review of Books, Miss Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew, makes some anatomical observations of a skeletal marvel from “four feet away.” Can you stand it?  

My evening life revolves around Legos and hide-and-seek. I try to reserve time to go out on the nights that Beckett is with his dad. Mostly I see friends and go to dinner. I just went to see the Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger was four feet away from me. His hips move in a different direction than the rest of his body—he’s incredible. There is nothing more bizarre, though, than being at a concert and realizing everyone is your age and then realizing we’re all really damn old. 
May 2013


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