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By From the July-August 2013 issue

Life in the fast lane and the very confusing lane with Danielle and Cathleen, and who is this guy David?

In a recent HuffPost Gay Voices blog post, doctor and author Danielle Kaufman wrote about the day when she, still living as a man, learned her wife is a lesbian.

As shocking as that situation may have been, Cathleen, an artist, soon got a surprise of her own when Danielle, then living as David, confessed he was a gay man and then, soon after, revealed his intention to transition and live as a woman.

The couple, who remained legally married but reside separately, recently joined HuffPost Live to share their ironic, and in many ways, inspiring story.

“I was thinking about it for a couple of months and didn’t quite know how to tell him at the time,” Cathleen said. “I said let’s go to a restaurant. I need to tell you something.”

After Cathleen had broke the news to Kaufman that she thought she was a lesbian, Kaufman shared her own news.

“Without either of us talking to each other about it at the time, we both figured it out on our own separately,” Kaufman said. “I figured it out a few weeks before and I’m definitely interested in men. I had been thinking over the last week or two like how was I going to tell my wife because she’s going to be really upset.”
May 13, 2013


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