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Current Wisdom

By From the September 2013 issue

An earnest young disciple of the Hon. Eliot Spitzer makes an inquiry about his true loves only to be made the butt of ridicule: 

This girl and I have been dating for a few months now. Things are going really well, and I could see myself being with her for a very long time, maybe even marrying her. The only problem is, I have a secret. I went through a bit of a dry spell in my late 20’s and ended up paying for sex with multiple sex workers many times. I don’t know if this is something I need to reveal to her, or something I can keep to myself for the rest of my life. I don’t even know where she stands on the issue of prostitution, but I’m guessing if she found out, she would not be happy. What do I do?

First of all, don’t use the phrase “I have a secret” only to follow it up with the fact that you saw a couple prostitutes. It’s anti-climactic storytelling. Did you at least fall in love and go on a crime spree together? Because if it’s just that you paid for sex, I don’t really know where the drama is.
(July 5, 2013) 


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