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Cory, Cory Hallelujah

By From the October 2013 issue

It’s hard not to like him, even though the act wears thin. Last Memorial Day weekend I happened to be at Cornell, where rising Democratic star Cory Booker delivered the Convocation address on the Saturday of the weekend-long commencement. There he stood in the cold spring wind inside the football stadium, earnestly and entertainingly thundering away, filling the air with his usual mush: “…your generation will be determined by how you come together as lovers—lovers of peace and lovers of justice”; “the power of the people is always greater than the people in power”; “I immediately reached for some Chubby Hubby”—the last apropos his only superficially friendly feud with Conan O’Brien, who had dissed Newark, New Jersey, on his show and compelled Booker to defend his city. Which he did, via YouTube, speaking to a single camera and flanked by a single U.S. flag in a video that went viral. 

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Wlady Pleszczynski is editorial director of The American Spectator and the editor of AmSpec Online.