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Immigration Consternation

From the October 2013 issue

I can’t remember ever disagreeing with Grover Norquist. But his commentary on immigration (“Samuel Gompers Versus Reagan,” TAS, Septemeber 2013) left me wondering which one of us has missed the point. Mr. Norquist seems to argue that House and Senate conservatives are out of step by resisting the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform scheme. He cites polls, statistics, and election results to prove his point that the most conservatives lose the anti-immigration battle. But he fails to ever mention (well, maybe once) illegal immigration. Read that again. Mr. Norquist seems to have lost the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. Few conservatives that I know are anti-immigration. Our problem with the current proposal is that it does nothing to first stem the flow of illegal immigrants. All we want is a secure border to ensure that existing immigration laws can actually work. Without enforcement, we get the current situation: millions of illegals have overstayed visas and millions have climbed the fence. And not all are here with good intentions.

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