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Return to Ruby Ridge

By From the October 2013 issue

Saturday A FABULOUSLY INTERESTING day here in Sandpoint. Tim Farmin and I got into my rented silver-gray Chrysler and drove to Priest River, roughly 25 miles away. It is a logging town where I know some pleasant people. We were headed for the Priest River Gun Show. The drive along the Pendoreille River was inspiring, as always: immense water views, forests, sheer cliffs, meadowlands. Just a few cars on Route 200. It endlessly amazes me that there are not more sightseers along that magnificent highway. The gun show was in the gymnasium of Priest River Junior High, a great ’30s-’40s structure with block lettering of what I guess was Art Moderne style. The gun sellers and purveyors of knives and humorous memorabilia were amazingly cheerful. One of them opened the festivities by saying, “Here’s my favorite economist.” They could hardly believe I was there and I could hardly believe I was there. The highlighted weapon was a .50 caliber sniper rifle, the kind that the military uses in Iraq (I guess formerly) and now uses occasionally in Afghanistan. It was a beast. “You could kill coked up al-Qaeda behind a brick wall with this,” said Tim.

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