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Current Wisdom

By From the October 2013 issue

The Progressive In another of the Prog’s historic literary interviews, the lunkheads sit down with a cartoonist by the name of Alison Bechdel, “author of the legendary comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For,” where Alison strikes a melancholy note before popping off to her latest gig as a nocturnal dishwasher: Q: Dykes to Watch Out For was often highly political. In addition to featuring a cast of lesbian characters (which was political in itself), those characters frequently discussed the issues of the day. I recall a good deal of criticism of the George W. Bush Administration. Since then, you’ve shifted toward intensely introspective work. Are you burned out on politics? Have you traded overt commentary for a more ‘personal is political’ approach?  Bechdel: Yes, I feel like I have. I also feel like something did get burnt out in me, something very deep during the Bush Administration. I stopped my comic strip in the spring of 2008, just before the election season, and I feel like George Bush killed Dykes to Watch Out For.  Q: That’s sad!

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